Custom Gunite Spas and Hot Tubs

Custom Gunite spas and hot tubs are a great addition to gunite swimming pools of any shape or size! Using the same technology used to design your custom swimming pool (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Construction), we can design the perfect gunite spa for your brand new pool. There are a few different styles such as gunite, acrylic, fiberglass, and even stainless steel, but gunite spas are by far your best bet if you are interested in purchasing one because they will last the longest, and you can match the look of the gunite spa with the exact look of the pool.

The Healing Powers of Hot Water

We all know that sitting in hot water feels good, but did you know that it is good for you? According to the APSP, Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, warm water not only relaxes muscles but also opens blood vessels, ultimately lowering blood pressure! Sitting in warm water can help your heart work more efficiently and takes the strain off your muscles and joints. Always consult your physician before spending any time in hot water, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, or have other illnesses or conditions.

Gunite Spa Options

Most custom gunite spas and hot tubsĀ come in various sizes based on your preference or style, but the average range from 6ft x 6ft all the way up to 12ft x 12ft. Your spa should represent you and your pool, and with so many different options, you can make your custom gunite spa look exactly the way you want it to. Some very common options that customers take advantage of are things like matching the color of the plaster inside the pool and the spa (Click here to learn more about Swimming Pool Resurfacing), matching the coping of the pool and spa, and many customers will even add a rock veneer to the outside of the spa to match the pool deck style!

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Cleaning Gunite Spas

Your new gunite spa will most likely be connected to the same pump, filter, and heater as your swimming pool, so cleaning it will be a piece of cake (Click here to view our selection of Swimming Pool Products). If you are interested in customĀ gunite spas and hot tubs that you can use all during the winter months, it will need to have a separate pump, filter, and heater. This is to ensure that there are no accidental leaks from the pool plumbing that would cause the pipes to freeze in cold weather. Even though your spa water will be cleaned by the pool system, you will still need to clean it once a week with a vacuum and skimmer, and add chemicals to balance the water.

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