Swimming Pool Maintenance

Besides actually building the pool, swimming pool maintenance requires the most work. The amount of responsibility it takes to maintain a pool can be overwhelming, even for the most motivated of people. You have to skim for tiny pieces of leaves and dirt; vacuum up the dirt and grime on the pool floor; and even clean the filters and add chemicals. That is why Danna Pools Inc. gladly takes the responsibility off your hands. We can put you on a weekly maintenance schedule, and take care of all those tedious jobs for you. This luxury is usually reserved for our customers that have just bought a new pool (Click here for more information on a Free Swimming Pool Quote), but we are now opening the doors to new customers, even if you already have a pool.
There is a great responsibility when it comes to swimming pool maintenance. The different aspects of the job usually require two people to do it, but this is not always required. When Danna Pools Inc. goes out to do weekly maintenance, we have to make sure that when we leave the job, everything was completed and it is ready to swim in. Vacuuming the pool is one of the highest priorities. When the bottom of the pool is dirty, is basically makes the rest of the pool look dirty. This process is a long and tedious one. While vacuuming, you cannot go too fast or else the dirt on the bottom will just circulate. If this happens, you have to wait even longer for it to settle so that it can be removed. All of the dirt from the bottom of the pool gets sucked into the filter and stays there until the filters are cleaned.

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If there are two people on the job, one person is skimming the top of the pool while the other one vacuums. While skimming, the technique is to not create momentum within the water. The stuff on top can get extracted much easier and quicker if the current of the water is slow and steady as appose to violent and choppy. Skimming the pool is an essential part for any pool owner, not just for the maintenance crew (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Contractors). You can leave your pool for us to clean every week, or keep it looking great in between your maintenance by skimming the top every couple of days. There are many instances were pool owners with take swimming pool maintenance into their own hands and can have detrimental repercussions on the life of the pool, if it is not done properly.

The next step in the swimming pool maintenance process is to clean the filters. Every pool has a filter system that circulates the water and cleans it. And if these are not properly cared for, the filter will be too dirty to catch any material circulating through it. The pool will get dirtier and dirtier because the system cannot clean itself. You can actually start to see this happen within a week or two of having clogged or dirty filters. This is why weekly cleaning of your filters is a must! When the pool is done being cleaned, the chemicals are added so that the pool maintains its cleanliness throughout the week. Proper chemical levels are essential to swimming pool maintenance.

Without Swimming Pool Maintenance, Your Pool Will Get Too Dirty!

The amount of money spent on weekly maintenance is well worth it when you think about it. The life span of a properly maintained pool can be up to 50 years (Click here for more information on Gunite Pools). So invest your money wisely and purchase swimming pool maintenance for your gunite swimming pools today so you can enjoy that investment for a long, long time.

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