Swimming Pool Renovations

Swimming pool renovations start with pool rehab and reconstruction (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Resurfacing). Old pools can be an eye soar. Whether you just moved into a new house with an old pool, or you have had a broken down pool in your backyard for years; rehabilitating or getting rid of an old pool is a necessity. If you no longer want the old pool and all of its baggage, Danna Pools Inc. will come in and completely get rid of it. If you choose to keep the pool and you just want to turn it into a pool worth showing off, we can do that too. Most rehabs and swimming pool renovations begin with getting rid of the old and useless material that was in the old pool.
We do this because Danna Pools Inc. is not responsible for any negligent work or improper installation of products associated with the previous pool. Depending on the request of the owner, we then begin to properly build the new pool where the old pool was. This is where swimming pool renovations can get a little tricky. Sometimes the pool owner has a very big pool or a very small pool. It is much easier to build a smaller pool within a bigger pool. But when a pool owner has a small pool and wants a bigger pool, we have to completely remove the pool and build a new one in its place. Another aspect to this process is the deck (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Decks). Most of the time swimming pool renovations require the deck to be removed and then re-built. This is usually not a problem for most customers because Danna Pools Inc. has amazing deck options.

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Click the video below to learn more about how to get your pool project financed. We recommend Lightstream to our clients, but you can use any financing service you choose.

Swimming Pool Renovations Can Make Your Pool One-Of-A-Kind!

Swimming Pool Renovations don’t just stop at pool rehabilitation. Danna Pools Inc. has great deals on coping, tile and plaster finishes (Click here for more information on a Free Swimming Pool Quote). We get questions all the time from customers about different tile and coping options. Danna Pools Inc. uses a variety of different tile and coping to help accent the pool in every way possible. Tile options include size, shape, color, and pattern. There are different options for your coping as well. You can have beautiful blue stone coping, limestone or even natural stone coping. With swimming pool renovations anything is possible. These different features for your pool come standard at Danna Pools Inc., so we are the best at what we do.

You can even have custom shaped tile on the floor or sides of your pool.

Tile work is easily the top option when it comes to swimming pool renovations!

From tile jobs to rehabilitating old pools, swimming pool renovations are a big part of what we do. We love to take an old, worn down pool and restore it to brand new. We also take a lot of pride in tearing down an old pool and completely rebuilding a new one. We make sure that every job we do, whether it’s a new pool job or not, is done with passion and pride. Pool renovations are just another thing we do well, so we are going to continue serving Chicago and its surrounding areas with great pools and service.

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