Fiberglass Pools vs Gunite Pools

There are a few different types of swimming pools that you can choose from when looking to purchase a pool, gunite pools and fiberglass pools are two of those options. Each of these pools have pros and cons, and ultimately the consumer will have to make the most educated decision they can. Here at Danna Pools we want to inform the customers about their different options before they make a decision. There are many different things to consider before making a decision on what type of pool you would like to purchase, as well as which company you would like to hire. The main problem we see customers having is trying to decide between purchasing a fiberglass pool or a gunite pool. These two pools are very similar in price, but are very different when it comes to important factors. These factors could be the reason you choose one pool or the other.

Pool Customizations

Gunite swimming pools are the only type of pool on the market that offers you the opportunity to customize every little aspect of the pool. There are so many different unique features that are included in a swimming pool, such as the tile, plaster, coping, slides, jets, stairs, ladders… and so on (Click here to view our selection of Swimming Pool Tile). When you purchase a gunite swimming pool, every single one of these can be unique and customized. You cannot perform as many customizations with other types of pools such as vinyl liner and fiberglass pools. When people buy guinte swimming pools, it is because they want their pool to stand out from the rest, they want it to be unique and one-of-a-kind.

Lifespan of Pool

Gunite pools are the longest lasting type of pool on the market! They are built right into the ground and constructed with a strong type of concrete called shotcrete or gunite. This is re-enforced with solid steel re-bar throughout the shell of the pool (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Construction). Unlike gunite pools, fiberglass pools are constructed of a solid piece of fiberglass, having no re-enforcement other than the fiberglass itself. Building the pool as part of the ground gives it flexibility as the ground moves, reducing the risk of cracks.

Size and Shape of Pool

Gunite swimming pools are the only type of pool on the market that offers customers the option to choose any size and any shape they want (Click here to learn more about Gunite Pools), there are no restrictions. You could have a pool as large as a football field if you want, or as small as a bathtub. Every public pool, school pool for swim teams, and Olympic pool are made out of gunite because they need to be large. Fiberglass pools are only allowed to be 16 feet wide because they need to be delivered to the jobsite on a truck in one piece. There are laws against have truck loads wider than 16 feet, so your fiberglass pool cannot be more than 16 feet because of this reason. Gunite swimming pools can be 50 feet wide if they need to be because they are built right there in your backyard, unlike fiberglass pools, which are built in some factory and the just dropped into a whole in the ground.


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Comparison Chart: Fiberglass Pools vs Gunite Pools




Lifespan of Pool25-50 years: Gunite pools are the longest lasting pools on the market. Danna Pools even offers a Limited Lifetim Warranty on the shells of all our pools!15-30 years: Fiberglass pools fade away and crack much sooner than gunite pools because as the ground moves, the fiberglass is forced to move and ends up cracking.
Unlimited ShapesYes: Anything from basic rectangles to the most obscure radius pools, Gunite pools offer 100% customization when it comes to the shape of the pool!No: Fiberglass pools have many shapes, but not as many as Gunite pools.
Unlimited SizesYes: as large or small as you can imagine, we can build it!No: Fiberglass pools are limited to 16ft wide.
Custom Pool FinishYes: Most Gunite customers get aggregate plaster finishes or paint, but you can customize the finish of the pool surface to be whatever you want it to be!No: Gel Coat over the fiberglass is the only finish available.
Custom Pool TileYes: Any size,shape, and style of pool tile is available for Gunite pools!Yes: Unlike Gunite pools, tile for fiberglass pools needs to be specific for the pool style, but still have many variations.
Weekly MaintenanceHigh: Weekly maintenance is required for any pool to keep it clean and beautiful.High: Weekly maintenance is required for any pool to keep it clean and beautiful.
This information is presented to the best of Danna Pools Inc.’s knowledge and may vary from company to company

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