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Q: Why does pool construction take up to 12 weeks?

A: Pools construction is a long process with multiple phases of work. The first phase is the planning phase which involves everything from gathering paperwork, to drawing the plans for the pool. The second phase is the construction phase when the hole for the pool is dug and the pool shell is created. The final phase is the finishing phase when the plaster, tile, deck, and equipment are all completed. The finishing phase can be the longest phase because of the amount of detail involved, and the amount of skill needed to produce an amazing finished product. Overall, everything usually takes about 6-10 weeks, but in Chicago, the weather can be quite unpredictable, and municipal building departments can hold things up by denying or prolonging the permitting process.

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Q: Why are Gunite pools better than fiberglass and vinyl liner pools?

A: Depending on your preferences, all of the pools above could fit your needs and be great. Unfortunately, fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools will never have the type of flexibility or the same ability to customize as a Gunite pool does. Gunite pools are the only pool on the market that can be shaped in any way, at any size, and offer 100% custom features such as tile, plaster, colors, and amenities. This is the reason that Gunite pools have a slightly higher market price than the competition. You can create a 100% customized pool, exactly how you want it, and exactly how you dreamed it would be. The competition cannot offer that kind of flexibility.

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Q: What is the difference between chlorine pools and salt water pools?

A: The main difference is the amount of chlorine filtered into the water during the cleaning process. One misconception that people have of salt water pools, is that they don’t use any chlorine. This is false. Salt water pools simply have a fraction of the chlorine that normal pools have. This makes them safer and healthier for your skin and body.

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Q: How deep does my pool need to be to install a diving board?

A: The law requires the pool to be 8 feet deep in order to have a diving board installed. There are many liability issues with diving boards in regards to injury, so Danna Pools requires that a liability waiver be signed by the customer before we install a diving board.


Q: Why is Gunite used to build the pool shell?

A: Gunite is an extremely durable substance, because of this, pools that are made with gunite are made to last a very long time. When the gunite shell is created, the gunite is projected through a hose using compressed air onto a steel rebar frame, which helps create the incredibly strong structure. Because gunite is applied at the job site, the pool can be any size or shape. This is one reason why many people choose gunite over a pre-built fiberglass or vinyl liner pool.

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Q: What does the limited lifetime warranty cover?

A: In order to fully explain what our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers, please visit our pool school to learn more about the warranty!

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Q: Why choose an electric cover? What are the benefits?

A: Electric covers have been carefully engineered and perfected in order to save lives and keep your swimming pool maintained at an optimal level. They are made to withstand an amazing amount of weight in order to keep children, animals, and loved ones from accidentally drowning if they fall on top of the cover. They have also been engineered to keep pool water clean and protected from harmful sunlight which evaporates pool water as well as strips away necessary chemicals needed for a properly balanced pool.

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