Swimming Pool Construction

Before we can start with the swimming pool construction, we have to design your pool. Once your pool is designed, we must get a village permit to build it. There are many reasons why you need a building permit to begin work, such as gas and water lines under the ground. Getting a permit is Danna Pool’s number one objective for a reason… No Permit, No Pool. The process of getting a permit can take up to 6 weeks, depending on the employees and schedule of your village workers. Once zoning is complete, the swimming pool construction can begin (Click here for more information on a Free Swimming Pool Quote). Digging a hole for the pool is the first process. Danna Pools Inc. uses machines like a bobcat or an excavator to dig the hole approximately the size of your pool. We then manually get all of the remaining dirt out of the hole, while shaving the walls of the pool to make them as straight as possible. This process creates the basic shape for your new pool.

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Swimming Pool Construction Isn’t As Messy As You Think.

Your backyard is now just a big hole in the ground, but not for long. We create a frame on the inside of the pool with Re-Bar so that when we pour concrete, the concrete has a frame to settle on and dry around. This acts as the pools skeleton and holds everything in place. The Plumbing is then installed to circulate water from your system to your pool. Gas and Electric lines are also installed before concrete is poured. When the pool is ready, Danna Pools Inc. continues the swimming pool construction by filling it all in with concrete (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Renovations). This is about a one day process because the crew has to smooth out the concrete as it is being poured. This is done so that everything is nice and smooth for when we do our plastering job. When the concrete day is done you will have the basic structure that your pool will look like. There is still a lot of work to do.


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Decks are a very big part of swimming pool construction!

The next step in the swimming pool construction process would be to do the deck and tile so that everything is ready when it comes time to plaster your pool (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Decks). You can choose to have coping also, which is beautifully cut stone with rounded edges, that semi-hangs of the edge of your pool. Once this process is complete, the only task left to do is the plaster and tying up whatever loose ends there are. Before we can add the finish to the pool, the whole system needs to be put together and attached to the plumbing that was done earlier. Systems usually consist of the System Box, Filter, Pump, Chlorinator, and most likely a Heater. Danna Pools Inc. uses the newest, state-of-the-art, pool system equipment. Next is the finish. This is the final step for a reason. Plaster, especially white plaster, can be fragile at times and is what makes your pool beautiful when everything is done. This is why we don’t apply the finish until the very end. Now that your plaster is complete all that’s left is starting your system. Then you can fill it up and enjoy! Don’t forget to call Danna Pools Inc. for all of your pool supply needs and weekly maintenance.

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