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Chicago is a wonderful and historical city, but it can be one of the worst places to live if you hate violent weather conditions. This is why if you own a pool, or are thinking of owning a pool, you need to go with a gunite pool. Unlike other types of pools, gunite pools are the most durable, long lasting pools on the market. They can withstand any sorts of weather conditions and have been proven to last up to 30 years without needing to be rebuilt (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Renovations). Gunite pools are created with a mixture of concrete and gunite, and are built into the ground so that nothing can blow them down or rupture them.

There are a couple of different pools you might be considering if you are buying a pool. There are above ground vinyl
liners, in-ground fiberglass, and in-ground gunite pools. The differences between these three types are very important to note. Above ground vinyl liners are the cheapest and have the shortest life span out of the three (Click here for more information on a Free Swimming Pool Quote). They are usually made of medal and can be put together in a matter of hours. The medal will eventually start to rust and pool will start to wear down. Not to mention that having liner pools, above ground or in-ground, is a poor investment. The liner can ripe from the slightest amount of pressure and then you are stuck buying a new one. These pools are usually for the people with lower budgets or don’t have a big enough back yard.

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You Will Not Regret Buying a Gunite Pool!

You can choose any shape, size or depth you want. There are so many different combinations to choose from that your pool will definitely not be like anyone else’s. Gunite Pools are created to be one of a kind. You can add a rock waterfall, water spouts, a built-in gunite spa, swim jets, an automatic pool cover… the list goes on and on. Buying a pool is like buying a house or a car. You don’t want to waste your money on a bad investment. You want that object to last as long as you do, if not longer. You want to be able to hand it down from generation to generation. With gunite pools, you get the peace of mind in knowing that when your children have children, they will be swimming in the pool you bought. You can’t get that kind of longevity and durability out of an above ground pools or even fiberglass pools. Gunite pools are the absolute best when it comes to purchasing a pool. Don’t make a bad investment. Call Danna Pools Inc. today to schedule a free quote on the pool of your dreams.

Gunite Pools are Made to Last a Lifetime!

The next type of pool is an in-ground fiberglass pool. These pools are generally a reasonable price. They come in all types of shapes and sizes but you are limited because they are pre-built. A fiberglass pool is already made when you buy it. The pool company only has to dig a whole and drop it in. It seems much easier… because it is. The construction aspect of the project has been reduced by a whole bunch (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Construction), but along with its ease, fiberglass pools come with many more problems. Structural problems are among the leading reasons why people don’t buy, or regret buying fiberglass pools; that and not having complete control or freedom over the shape and size of your pool. Now the very best pools to buy are gunite pools. They are much more of an investment than the other types. Gunite pools are constructed out of a rock/concrete material that is proven to withstand much more than any other material that pools are constructed out of today. There are no boundaries when it comes do designing gunite pools either.

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