Swimming Pool Decks

When it comes to making your new pool look elegant, swimming pool decks are a top priority. With the amount of customization available you can create a unique deck that will accentuate not only your new pool but your entire back yard. Options for your new deck include Paver stone decks, natural stone decks, blue stone, limestone, brick,  stamped concrete, spray deck, or just simply broomed concrete. You can even customize the pattern at which the deck is constructed. Don’t pass up this great opportunity to get your new deck at an all-time low price (Click here for more information on a Free Swimming Pool Quote). A new pool just wouldn’t be the same without a beautiful natural stone deck. Try to imagine investing into a brand new home for your family. Somewhere with some land and not a lot of noise. Now imagine your home just had dirt surrounding it. no grass or bushes or tree, just dirt. It would make that beautiful new home not so appealing. That is why swimming pool decks are such an important investment.

 And did I mention how much safer your pool will be with a deck?
When you have people running around your pool with no shoes on, you don’t want anyone to get hurt. With a wooden deck someone can get very bad cuts or slivers in their feet from running and sliding on it. Natural stone decks are made to be very safe for kids and adults when around the pool. You can also get non-slippery surfaces that will keep your kids from slipping and getting injured (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Resurfacing).  Your new pool should be as safe as it can be, so take some time and go over different kinds of swimming pool decks so you can be sure which one is right for you and your family.

Swimming Pool Decks Can Make Any Pool Look Better!

The process of putting together your new deck starts with designing it. You choose the type of material you want us to use and the pattern you want, and then we begin. Most swimming pool decks are put together using a mortar mix that keeps it in place. This mix is made with sand and bags of mortar mix. Danna Pools Inc. gets all of the materials delivered and mixes the mortar on site. When the mix is complete, and we have drawn out the pattern of your new deck, we begin applying the mix to the bottom of the deck material and placing them in the correct spot. Each stone has to be properly covered with mix so there are no holes that water can eventually seep into. As we steadily continue the pattern, you will start to see your deck unfold and really look nice.
After the deck is finished, we have to do all of the grout work. Properly grouting the deck is essential if you want your deck to last for a very long time. If water gets under the stone in your deck it can freeze and pop the stones right out of place (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Service). When the grout is complete, your deck is done. Swimming pool decks are probably the best way to make a new pool really stand out. From the customizations to the amount of safety it adds to your pool, swimming pool decks are a must buy for any pool owner.

Types of Swimming Pool Decks

Paver Swimming Pool Decks:

Because of all the advantages of color, texture and shape, pavers has been very popular to use in the backyard areas. People have been using pavers inside their homes for a long time because it looks like Natural Stone. An advantage to using paver stone is it is not a slippery surface. If you have children this would be a good option to prevent those nasty falls by the pool.

Stamped Concrete Swimming Pool Decks:

If you are worried about money, Concrete is the way to go. Financially speaking, it’s your best bet. A nice way to add some flash to your deck is with Stamped Concrete.  Different types of patterns and colors can be used to create a dynamic look for your new pool/deck area.  Stamped Concrete may get a little slick at times because sealers are used to bring out the colors.

Natural Stone Swimming Pool Decks:

Natural stone is a more decorative and vibrant stone option. We apply our Natural Stone with a mortor mix, right to the concrete below.  The pattern and final edges usually depend on the landscape and personal design. Some other products that Natural Stone can be used for are Outdoor Kitchens, Raised Spas, Fire Pitts and Grills.

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