Swimming Pool Water Features

There are so many ways to create a vibrant, customized gunite swimming pool that stands out from the rest. Over the last 10-20 years, companies all over the world have been creating products never seen before in the swimming pool industry so that customers have the ability to create a unique pool within their individual budgets. Some of the areas that can be customized are the plaster (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Resurfacing), the electric covers (Learn more about Swimming Pool Covers here), and even swimming pool water features! Having unique swimming pool water features can really make your pool stand out from the rest. Utilizing the different types of waterfalls and colored water spouts, and adding water features in different areas all around the pool will give you that unique look and feel that you have always wanted. Below are some of the different water features that we offer, and they are available to pool owners who are just starting out with a new pool build, and even available to pool owners who have had a pool for years and wish to spice up the look and feel a bit.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Features

Sheer Decent

Sheer decent waterfalls produce a clear arc of water that can be adjusted from a silent glass-like sheet of water to a rushing mountain waterfall.

Sheer Rain

Sheer rain waterfalls provide a stream of water and project it down at a 45 degree angle that creates a unique waterfall sight and sound.


The FiberFall waterfall uses a fiber optic light to add entertaining lighted accent to waterfalls. (Fiber optic light driver sold separately)

Sheer Arc

Sheer arc waterfalls project up at a 45 degree angle and then naturally arcs and descends to the pool surface.

Rain Arc

Rain arc waterfalls produce streams of water that project up at a 45 degree angle and then naturally arc and descend to the pool surface.

Sheer Curtain

Sheer curtain waterfalls produce a clear curtain of water that descends straight down into the pool.

Control Your Swimming Pool Water Features with iAquaLink

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  • Control your pool and water features anytime and anywhere on the planet using your smartphone, tablet device, or computer
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More Swimming Pool Water Features

Laminar Jets with LED – Sheer Entertainment

Laminar Jets with LED create spectacular backyard water entertainment with dazzling nighttime lighting effects. They produce clear or lighted arcs of water as they silently enter the pool or spa.

  • Come standard with built-in 12V LED lights, adjustable to the preferred intensity, and can be synchronized with Zodiac pool and spa LED lights
  • Innovative internal flow adjustment valve, conveniently located inside the canister
  • Available with a unique Pour-A-Lid option to easily coordinate with a variety of deck finishes.

Deck Jets and MiniJets – Add Fun and Excitement to Your Pool

Deck jets create a beautiful arc of shimmering water from the deck to a pool or spa. They can be installed in almost any combination and the effects they create can be changed to meet any style or mood.

The MiniJet is designed to project a stream of water at a 45 degree angle of trajectory for a distance of up to 13 feet from the deck or under the coping. The MiniJet is available for all pools and comes in many colors to match the most popular pool tile finishes.

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