Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning System

Pool maintenance can be difficult to do by yourself, but don’t worry, you have a few options. The first option is you can hire a pool company to perform weekly maintenance to your pool at an affordable cost (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Maintenance), or you can purchase products to help your pool clean itself. Even when you purchase products that clean your pool, you will most likely still need to perform weekly maintenance or hire a pool company to clean your pool for you. The difference is that with products such as Polaris auto-vacuums and the Caretaker In-floor cleaning system, the pool is much easier to clean every week (Click here to learn about Polaris auto-vacuums and robotic cleaners).

Keep Your Pool Clean with Caretaker

The Caretaker in-floor cleaning system is the first of its kind, and uses water pressure to keep your pool clean and beautiful! With its sleek design, the Caretaker system was designed to fit flush with the pool floor, stairs, and benches so that it is nearly invisible to the naked eye while it works tirelessly to keep your pool clean and water chemically balanced. This in-floor cleaning system was designed to increase circulation within the pool, ultimately reducing the potential for algae growth, reducing the amount of chemical needed on a weekly basis, and significantly increasing the effectiveness of your heating equipment (Click here to see our selection of Swimming Pool Heaters).

How the Caretaker Works

Every single Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning system is custom designed by a Zodiac technician to ensure that the system cleans 99% of your pool, optimizes the performance of your pool equipment, and creates a more efficient circulation within your pool.

Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning Options

The Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning System is available in an energy efficient, programmable, electronic 8-port valve, as well as a 5-port valve. These different options allow the customer the freedom to choose what size system they want according to the size and shape of their pool. The Valve heads come in 7 different colors that will look beautiful with any color plaster you are using for your pool (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Resurfacing). The Caretaker also comes with an extended warranty option for those customers who like a little extra piece of mind.

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