Swimming Pool Heaters

Keeping your pool water at the perfect temperature is a very important part of enjoying your swimming pool experience. With Jandy swimming pool heaters, you never have to worry. With energy efficient and compact heaters, your pool water will always be set at the perfect temperature for when you are ready to swim. There are many different types of swimming pool heaters that you can choose from, all have slight differences (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Maintenance). Every Jandy heater has a few things in common though, they all use powerful technology, they all have an efficient design, and they perform reliably while staying ecological and economical.

***All heaters can be used to heat pool AND spa water***

JXi Swimming Pool Heaters

This Gas heater is the newest version of heaters from Jandy. It is lightweight, compact, easy to use, and extremely energy efficient. It’s 2×2 footprint makes it easy to fit in small places and makes installation a piece of cake (Find out more about Swimming Pool Filters). Only weighing 126lbs, this pool heater is the lightest of its kind, also making installation much easier. Energy efficiency is a big deal when it comes to heating your pool, and JXi swimming pool heaters saves you more energy than you could ever imagine! With a 83% thermal efficiency rating and low-NOx design, the Jandy JXi heater surpasses DOE Energy Efficient requirements.

Available BTU Sizes: 200k, 260k, 330k, 399k

Automation Ready: Compatible with AquaLink devices

LXi Swimming Pool Heaters

The Jandy LXi heater is the older version of the JXi. With the LXi heater, you will get energy efficient heating and a lightweight compact design for a very reasonable price. This pool heater is extremely efficient and powerful, improving the circulation of the pool while still saving you money on your gas bill.

Available BTU Sizes: 250k, 400k

Automation Ready: Compatible with AquaLink devices

Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heaters

These are the most efficient swimming pool heaters Jandy offers! With an impressive 95% heating efficiency rating, the Hi-E2 outperforms any other gas heater and can reduce your operating costs by up to 30%! With a unique forced-air system, this swimming pool heater performs optimally in extreme weather and in difficult or unusual locations. The Hi-E2 heater is very safe, and easy to maintain, with a hot surface ignition system which completely eliminates the pilot light.

Available BTU Sizes: 350k

Automation Ready: Compatible with AquaLink devices

Legacy Swimming Pool Heaters

Jandy’s Legacy pool and spa heater is an industry standard and has been around for years. Made to be efficient and reliable, the Legacy heater can add a significant amount of comfort to your pool and spa year round. This swimming pool heater has an easy on/off switch and digital control (Learn more about Swimming Pool Control Interfaces) of pool and spa set-points.

Available BTU Sizes: 250k, 325k, 400k

Automation Ready: Compatible with AquaLink devices

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