Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters are the main cleaning component of your pool system. All of the dirt and debris that gets past the skimmer baskets ends up inside your filter and gets removed from the water. When the water is done circulating throughout your system, it will be clean, and clear thanks to your pool filter. If you are looking for a little more cleaning power, you might want a salt water system or mineral dispenser (Click here to check out Salt Water Generators). They can take swimming pool filters to the next level with chemical free cleaning and guaranteed results!

CV & CL Cartridge Swimming Pool Filters

  • Sweep elbow and unions allow the filter to easily connect to Jandy Pro-Series pumps and equipment
  • 2” x 2.5” universal union and easy grip handles make installation and cleaning easy
  • Extra-large 2” drain port allows for easy cleaning
  • Unique pressure gauge features clean/dirty indicator that can be customized, making it easy to assess filter cartridge condition
  • Versa Plumb ready
  • Available models: 340 sqft | 460 sqft | 580 sqft

CS Cartridge Swimming Pool Filters

  • Easy grip handles for easy lid removal
  • Extra-large 2” drain port for easy cleaning of debris
  • Pressure gauge with clean/dirty indicator that makes it easy to assess filter condition
  • Versa Plumb ready
  • Available models: 100 sqft | 150 sqft | 200 sqft | 250 sqft

JS Sand Swimming Pool Filters

  • Versa Pump ready for quick connection to Jandy Pro Series pumps and equipment (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Pumps)
  • Side mount allows for easy installation or replacement of existing filter
  • Clean/dirty indicator on pressure gauge allows you to know exactly when to clean the filter to optimal filtration and water savings
  • Large 2” drain port
  • 3 backwash valves available
  • Extra deep sand bed and dual diffusers for superior filtration
  • Heavy-duty, durable composite body made of corrosion and UV resistant materials
  • Models available: 24” and 30”

SFTM Sand Swimming Pool Filters

  • High-capacity sand bed carries more debris and extends filter cycles
  • Engineered to direct water evenly across the entire surface of the sand without migration or channeling
  • Dial valve with automatic air relief and pressure gauge
  • Bottom drain for easy winterizing and draining (Click here to learn about Swimming Pool Openings and Closings)
  • Blow-molded tank is corrosion and UV-resistant
  • Models available: 22” and 25”

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