Swimming Pool Plumbing and Electrical

PVC Swimming Pool Plumbing

Gunite swimming pools use a special type of plumbing pipe called PVC schedule 40. This type of plumbing is a heavy-duty, long-lasting plastic pipe that has many advantages over copper pipe.

  • PVC is a very strong type of swimming pool plumbing. It can be buried next to the pool without fear of being damaged.
  • PVC plumbing is less expensive than other types of swimming pool plumbing.
  • PVC can be dug up and repaired easily, and does not need to be welded together. It only needs to be glued using a special type of glue.
  • PVC plumbing does an excellent job in resisting the chemicals from the swimming pool, keeping it strong and efficient for years.

Schedule 40, 1 ½” – 2” PVC pool plumbing is the standard type of plumbing for the swimming pool industry (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Construction). When Danna Pools is laying down the plumbing for your pool project, we normally bury it 12-18 inches below ground. This ensures that nothing on the surface can
break or damage the pipes. We also want to make sure that sunlight isn’t able to reach the swimming pool plumbing because sunlight will eventually weaken the pipes and cause damage.

Danna Pools Inc. has a staff of expert pool specialists that have many years of experience laying down pool plumbing. Our crews get the job done fast and do it right the first time (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Contractors). Bad plumbing can result in many problems for your pool later in life, such as hard to reach leaks and damage to pool systems, which could cost you thousands in repairs. Don’t just settle for any gunite swimming pool company, call Danna Pools Inc. first to get the job done right.

Swimming Pool Electrical

Electric work to a gunite swimming pool is extremely important. Safety is the #1 concern for swimming pool builders when they are performing any type of electrical work to the pool. Throughout the deck and shell of the pool, there is ground wire (Click here for more information on Swimming Pool Decks). This ground wire is connected to all of the electrical components of the pool, and then connected to your homes circuit box. Should a short occur, this ensures that the electrical current is directed away from the pool and the people inside of it. All of the metal components of the pool, such as the ladders, slide, and the pool light must be grounded in order to ensure safety. The pool pumps, filter and heater must also be grounded.

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