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Swimming pool systems can be complicated if you do not know much about them. There are many different components, different pressure regulations, and some very small parts that can go bad, leaving you feeling helpless waiting for them to get fixed. Luckily for swimming pool owners, Zodiac swimming pool pumps are some of the easiest and most efficient pieces of pool equipment on the market today (Click here to see other Swimming Pool Products). Whether you swim every day, once a week, or simply when you have company over, with many different models to choose from, you are sure to find the right pump to fit your pool needs.

The cleanliness of your pool all begins with your pool pump. This piece of equipment powers the suction that draws dirt and filth into your skimmers. Once it is inside the system it travels throughout the other components, each with its own function. Zodiac has many different models of swimming pool pumps to choose from, ranging from energy efficient pumps, to variable speed swimming pool pumps. They also offer waterfall and water feature pumps (Click here to learn more about Swimming Pool Water Features) for the customers that want to add a little bit of spice to their pool environment.

Plus HP Pump – High Performance in a Compact Body

  • Available in highly efficient 2-speed models, which can save up to 60% on electric consumption compared to single speed pumps
  • Larger trap basket for greater debris holding capacity
  • Available in: .5 HP | .75 HP | 1.0 HP | 1.5 HP | 2.0 HP | 2.5 HP

ePump Variable Speed Pump

  • Consumes up to 90% less energy versus single speed swimming pool pumps, saving as much as $1,300 per year
  • Completely programmable and customizable with 5 control system options: iAquaLink RS OneTouch, AquaLink Touch, AquaLink RS PDA, and JEP-R Pump Controller (Click here to learn more about Swimming Pool Control Interfaces)
  • Stealth pumps ultra-high efficiency motor enables cooler, quieter operation and extended motor life
  • Features the largest trap basket on the market
  • Available in: 1.5 HP | 2.0 HP

Stealth Pump – Quiet, Powerful, Efficient

  • Single and efficient 2 speed models available
  • Features the largest trap basket on the market for reduced maintenance
  • Available in: .5 HP | .75 HP | 1.0 HP | 1.5 HP | 2.0 HP | 2.5 HP | 3.0 HP | 5.0 HP

WaterFall Pump – For Your Backyard Oasis

  • High-flow, low pressure swimming pool pumps delivers extremely quiet operation creating the ideal backyard paradise
  • The WaterFall pump is ideally suited for waterfalls, spillover grottoes, and other special water features
  • Innovative design is 60% quieter and uses less energy than standard pool pumps
  • Available Models: 125 GPM | 185 GPM

Water Feature Pump – Perfect Flow

  • High-flow, medium pressure swimming pool pumps
  • Available in 3 sizes, the water feature pump is perfect for waterfalls, laminar jets, aqua accents, and vanishing edge water features, and many other Zodiac water features
  • Ultra-compact body and flared base installs easily in small equipment areas
  • Available Models: 80 GPM | 120 GPM | 160 GPM

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