When you are investing thousands of dollars into a new swimming pool, you are probably going to want it to accent your yard and your house. There is no better way to do that than with a beautiful new swimming pool deck (Click here to learn more about different Swimming Pool Decks)! There are a many different options when it comes to choosing a new deck. The most popular tend to be concrete, brick, paver, and flagstone decks.

Concrete decks are the basic type of deck that you can get with a gunite swimming pool. There is nothing fancy about it, but it is very resilient and long lasting. To make a concrete deck look fancy and elegant, you can do a few things to it. You can either get it stamped, which adds different textures and patterns to the concrete. Or you can get it sprayed with a sealant that protects the concrete and gives it a new color. Realistically, you can do both of these. You can first stamp the concrete to add texture and patterns, then protect it with the spray and add some color to it.
Brick paved decks are another option. Depending on the type of brick you use, these decks can look simple and standard, or look amazing! Also brick is very strong! If you get a brick deck, you should probably dry set it so that you can easily fix it or make changes to it in the future.

Paver decks are made from different types of natural stone that are cut into specific pattern. These different stones have so many different colors and features that your options are endless! You can choose from a limestone, to a bluestone or even get a granite style stone. Mostly any color or style you can think of, they make a paver for it. These types of decks are probably the most popular and elegant looking out of them all. The way that the pattern sets and comes together really makes the pool deck explode with life and beauty! You can either dry set pavers with sand, or you can mortar them right to a concrete foundation. The only difference is that if you mortar the stone to the ground, you will have less movement among the stones and it will be much more permanent.

Flagstone decks are basically the same thing as pavers decks except that flagstone is cut at very odd angles and shapes to give the impression that it is a more natural stone. Flagstone does not have patterns and is laid out according to the lay of the land. Flagstone is used in very natural settings such as waterfalls for pools, backyard ponds, and even gunite swimming pools that are made to look very natural. You can get all kinds of different colors to match any type of setting.